This is the offical homepage for PRESCANIC.

News (April 22, 2013) - Prescanic 08.1 released. Changes included:

  • MySQL development libraries now needed to compile Prescanic, but it's an option to use database saves.
  • A fully custom ports file for custom scans.
  • New output methods.
  • New fingerprints.
  • Various other changes.

    News (Feb. 3, 2011) - Prescanic.08 released. Changes included:

  • MySQL Support. Please note, this is not an option, you must have a mysql account and database and have create/drop privledges on that database.
  • DNS protocol talk disabled until later. (disabled so it doesn't crash, for the moment)
  • Ports added.

    Prescanic's goal is to an attempt to obtain as much information about a single host as possible. From port scanning, tcp fingerprinting, banner grabbing, anonymous ftp detection, telnet banner parsing, stealth scanning, and more.

    The author can be contacted at

    NOTICE: Required libraries and programs: MySQL and development files, also libpcap. Libpcap is included in the tar ball below.

    Tested on Linux only! (ubuntu 8.10,ubuntu 9.2,ubuntu 10.10,12.10)

    Current Version: 0.8.1